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1. To ignore someone on Facebook. This can be considered especially rude if the person has posted something directly on to your wall that requires an answer. Also can be incredibly empowering to the person who is Faceblanking.

2. To ignore someone for Facebook. Whole conversations can be carried out to someone's back, as they roam Facebook, without the speaking party realising they are being Faceblanked. This has been made increasingly worse by the use of mobile internet to access Facebook and growing wi-fi access avaliable in and around cities.
A: "Hey, did you see the game the other day?"
B: *Continues to use Facebook Chat*
A: "I'll take that as a no...So did you know that an alien abducted me last night?"
B: *Continues use of Facebook*
A: "Well I know when I've been well and truely Faceblanked."
by BeccaFaceblanked July 12, 2010