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When a girl squats down on some poor fool's face and moves her hips around. It's womankind's eqivalent to tea-bagging.
Zombie Stripper: My boss was totally being a dick to me.
Other Zombie Stripper: Why would you take that from him?
Zombie Stripper: Dont worry, I knocked him on the floor and drowned him with a Face-Dance
by The Man Your Man Wishes He Was February 25, 2011
To get the living shit kicked out of your face.
"I'm gonna find the motherfucker who stole my crack and do a face dance on him!"
by PeeBee February 28, 2004
Ninth Studio Album by The Who released March 16,1981.
Face Dances:
1."You Better You Bet" – 5:36
2."Don't Let Go The Coat" – 3:43
3."Cache Cache" – 3:57
4."The Quiet One" (Entwistle) – 3:09
5."Did You Steal My Money" – 4:10
6."How Can You Do It Alone" – 5:26
7."Daily Records" – 3:27
8."You" (Entwistle) – 4:30
9."Another Tricky Day" – 4:55
by Taxman September 17, 2006
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