Face, usually used in place of the "f" word or hell. or to insult someone
what the face was that?

you're a face.
by Matt April 04, 2004
a person who is so unbelievably gay, attempts to be funny, and unfortunately fails at doing so.
Kiernan, nice joke...your such a face.
by Jor November 19, 2004
A black guy or your friend
Whats up face matt
What up face andy.
(black term....Those faces sure love fried chicken!!)
by Face face September 30, 2003
Used when trying to make a fake mean comment, usually said just to be silly.
Can be used interchangebly with your mom in this case.
"It's shiny!"

"Your face is shiny." (shifty-eyes)
by cat_fire March 12, 2005
See Terence lam.
Stupid FACE i will fucking rape you.
by The Man April 09, 2003
An exclamation used by anyone in the case of boredom or in a weird, awkward silence with another person.
A boy and girl are on the phone.
Boy: **silence**...
Girl: **silence**...
Boy: **silence**...
Girl: FACE!
Boy: yup.....
by Kaedi January 28, 2004
a nigga, homie, a face. face is face.
Yo, dat face waz off da hook!
by Lindsey Skinner August 05, 2005
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