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The name belonging to a sexy humble man, with a pretty nice behind. He is so loveable and the perfect prince charming. After sweeping so many girls off their feet, he finally settled down with that one chica. Am amazing boyfriend, and perfect companion for anytime, anywhere. Up for almost anything. He's got jokes like the joker and walks with attitude. Oh, and apparently, he's pretty gangster.
chick 1: yeah, his name's Fabricio.
chick 2: wow. I'd tap that anyday. oh wait...I already did.

-OH, it smells kind of like sex..
-It's me. My new perfume called Fabricio. It 's the new thing!
by chineeese<3 January 01, 2009
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The name of an incredibly handsome Peruvian male. A loving, caring boyfriend, borderline homosexual with his closest man friends, and hung like a tyrannosaurus. He is my sexual chupacabra and occasional installer of tile floorings. Often associated with Carlos, Tito, Louisa, etc.
-I just had sex with Fabricio!
-Wow. Is that why you're limping?

-Look at that guy... he's a total Fabricio!
-Heck yeah, wanna see if we can both do him?
by cutsiepies<333 December 31, 2008

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