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The greatest midfielder in the world at the moment in 2008. He is Arsenal's prized possesion and can pick a pass anywhere on the field. Unfortunately C.Ronaldo is being queer and now he is overlooked. P.S C.Ronaldo sucks douche juice
Hey did you see that!
Fabregas has won FIFA player of the year
by Terrel Caesar June 21, 2008
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The footballer from Arsenal who stayed for this season's EPL.
Fabregas is staying! Awesome news,bro.
by zahcesc August 07, 2010
Overrated, not as good as the hype, limited
Person 1: "I like turkey at christmas"
Person 2: "I actually find turkey to be a rather Fabregas christmas bird. I prefer Goose."
by Tiresome Londoner December 31, 2009

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