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A dumb word which is supposed to mean "fabulous", used tackily by Perez Hilton.
"OMG....Lady Gaga is FABOOSH!"
by Krissssy February 28, 2009
awesomely ace gay man or lesbian woman often associated as belonging to the gliterazi faction in social circles.
You know that Graeme Norton chap?, he is well faboosh!
by jazzmoe July 14, 2011
Something Cocktail Deeva says when she REALLY likes something. A spin on FABULOUS.
Those shoes are FABOOSH.
That martini was FABOOSH.
by ReporterJohn November 22, 2013
The name of a fabulous vendor who sells fun accessories both online and at various markets in Vancouver, BC
Have you seen the amazing things I bought from Faboosh??
by Star-5 November 21, 2009
A smelly haggis eating scottish girl whom likes sleeping with her managers (regardless of age, gender or sexuality)
Person one: Did you hear about elle?
Person Two: I know! That faboosh slept with the rare values manager just to get a promotion.
by BritishTea September 27, 2009
The sound made when you accidently poop your pants.
I was walking behind my grandmother and heard "faboosh" and I decided not to say anything.
by Lindsay H September 28, 2006
The word for someone or something that's more then fabulous or amazing or meaning very trendy or cute
Her top is so Faboosh


He is so Faboosh
via giphy
by The rabbit July 26, 2016
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