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a group of mostly upper class white faggots from the suburbs of montgomery, nj, who are so desperate to look badass that they created a wanna-be gang called "fysy" which they say means fuck yo shit yo. They are all immature pussies who just sit around at skateparks all day, pack lip, and smoke. Again, just trying to look badass. I mainly blame their parents for spoiling the fuck out of all of them and making them think they can do whatever the fuck they want. Get the fuck out of new jersey.

Urban dictionary meets fysy
: yo I just smoked like 12 boges yesterday!
: dude my mom just bought me an electric one!

: wow we are so bad! Fysy!
by buddyyyyy11111 March 22, 2010
A Clan Of Homosexual Men From The Suburbs. Usually Coming From Wealthy Families, They Enjoy Acting As If They Were Intimidating And Hardcore, When In Reality They Suck Mass Amounts Of Male Genitals. Big Whooper Fans, They Walk Around With Fake Swaggers, Their Leader A Curry Licking Indian Piece Of Shit, Talks As If He Was The Hottest Sack Of Tits On The Planet. Wow, Arent They Gloriously Gay?
"Hi! We're FYSY. We're big, bad, rude and gay!"
by Nate Penney February 17, 2010

Basically the most badass high school gang ever made, right in the heart of New Jersey. These Montgomery students would ruthlessly destroy things in their path and they packed lips all the time. They go to 'mad' parties and break 'mad' shit. Their actions may include punching holes in your walls, peeing in random places throughout your home, using your carpet as a spittoon, breaking windows, and stealing shit. Meanwhile they play really heavy ass hardcore music to get pumped up and mosh to. Basically everyone wants to be in this gang but unfortunately they don't accept new members very often. If you run into a member you should probably run home and cry to your mother bout it. They have no mercy and they will beat your ass if you make any wrong moves. While completely high and intoxicated they role with swag and all the fine bitches under their arms while watching you bleed and crying bout it. They just really don't give a fuck.
Son: Mommy! Mommy! 'FYSY' pushed me down and now my arm is bleeding! It hurts me so badly!

Mom: What's 'FYSY'?

Son: It mean's 'Fuck Your Shit Yo' and they are a bunch of badass kids that are not very nice! In fact, they are super mean persons!

Mom: Well quit crying bout it you little shit and show them some more respect. Fucking loser
by John Lagrutta October 19, 2012
Fuck Your Shit Yo
Obama will get FYSY'd sooner or later. This is Fucking FYSY
by i do things February 15, 2010

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