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This has two meanings:
1. Means to "fuck your shit", by inserting a cawk into a steaming pile of shit.
2. Is used when someone uses extreme hatred towards a person.
Wow, Thrymm go Fuck Your Shit Hard.

Fuck You Shit, You lazy son of a bitch. Go eat some pie
by Shimatta November 01, 2004
Fuck Your Shit- Like "Fuck You" , only used in more thought and depth. Used in strong disagreement , anger or dislike.

Fuck what you think, fuck what you have, fuck what you need, fuck what you want, fuck what you are, what you will be, where you've been.Everything to do with you and your issues.
Boss to employee- I need you to lie about what happened here. I can't tarnish my reputation for this, it'll be too much. My business will be fucked! You have to lie and take some of the responsibility for me.

Employee-Fuck Your shit !
by wishforwings December 15, 2010
A retort used to identify the complete disagreement with someone's statement or opinion. It is not as severe as telling someone "fuck you" but it still carries much of that insult's weight.
Man: Wahhh you only got that engineering job because they're trying to fill a quota for diversity wahhhh (continue whining baby sounds)
Woman: Whatever, fuck your shit. You're just mad you have to step up your engineering game because no one wants your tired ass average self.
by VMars December 14, 2014
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