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Abbreviation for the term "Fuck Your Face Kid" A term commonly used between friends for a multitude of reasons, including but not limited to greetings, retorts, and in general disbelief to something that occured or something one said. It is generally acceptable to use FYFK as code when in a public place to substitute where profanity is generally not tolerated or when the recipient of said term should be unaware of its momentousness.
1. Your boss just asked you to do a better job cleaning because your performance has been deemed unsatifactory, when in reality the work has been done commendably. Instead of resorting to a comment that would result in a waste of your valuable time in the form of a lecture, a simple FYFK will inform your coworkers to the gravity of your anger without alerting your superior.

2. Your unmotivated friend wishes for you to fetch him yet another cold beverage from the fridge, and after the third time you glare at him and simply mutter the phrase "FYFK". This will disolve your anger and in turn allow your friend to understand that it is indeed his turn to start getting off his own lazy posterior.

3. Dude #1: "Megadeth sucks now, metal is dead."

Dude #2: "FYFK! The new album is boss kid, whassa matta for you?!?!"
by Evil Mike/The Polish Professor January 19, 2010
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