Acronym for "First World Problems Bitch"
"As if I spent £200 quid on a night out last night bro!"
"First world problems bitch! (FWPB)"
"True True"

"There's hardly any crisps in this Walkers packet bra!"
"First world problems bitch"

"Touche mother fucker!"
by Trifecta July 02, 2012
Top Definition
Fuck with paper bag

Used with women perfect body, byt with a ugly face :(
"She had such an ugly face I had to FWPB her"
by fuckwithpaperbag June 16, 2009
friend with partial benefits: someone you have a physical relationship with, but do not go all the way with. 1st and 2nd base are fine, 3rd base on special occasions.
I'd really like to bang my fwpb so I'm bringing the tequila tonight.
by thatdougguy October 29, 2010

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