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2 definitions by Trifecta

A word used to convey a superior sense of awesomeness, usually a more excited form of "sweet!"

Looks better online than it sounds out loud.
PuNkR0kker64: dude i totaly made 0ut with sum chick last nite & she sed she"ll make 0ut w/u 2

MarkRulz: SAHWEET!
by trifecta October 11, 2004
Acronym for "First World Problems Bitch"
"As if I spent £200 quid on a night out last night bro!"
"First world problems bitch! (FWPB)"
"True True"

"There's hardly any crisps in this Walkers packet bra!"
"First world problems bitch"

"Touche mother fucker!"
by Trifecta July 02, 2012