Fucking Worthless Bastard
Fucked Wrong Blond
Fucking While Blindfolded
Fucked While Broke
Caught receiving benefits from a Friend.
Oops, it was her twin sister!
If you're not careful, FWB could lead to you being robbed blind!
Got laid, and ain't getting paid
by judithanne June 18, 2009
Fellow Wisconsin Brethren, or F*cking Wisconsin Bastard. Illinois's answer to fib.
The official religions of FWBs are Badgermania, a variant of Catholicism called Friday Night Fish Fryism, and most prominetly, Packerism.
by El Conejo de Pascua March 03, 2008
Facebooking While Drunk. Doing something socially embarassing on Facebok after drinking too much alcohol.
Geez I so FWB'd last night! I was so drunk last night that I typed how I like gay goat sex in my facebook status update -only to wake up early next morning in sheer horror and erase the log entry.
by tweety24 January 10, 2009
FUGLY WEAVED BITCH. When someone is a combination of three awful things: A person whos fugly, has the most ugly weave ever, and she's a mega bitch!
"I hate that fwb!"

"She looks like a fwb!"
by dannie thomas June 21, 2007
Fly White Boy.
(well, only half) A Eurasian friend, who will be there for you, your boytoy. xD,

Do not mistake this as friends with benefits.
fwb: ilu my fjcg
fjcg: me too, my fwb, i'll see you tomorrow,. <3
fwb: i love you more than you love me.
fjcg: BYEEE, ilu. night my fwb. <3
fwb: love you. <3<3
by FlyJapaneseChineseGirl May 19, 2007
Fucked up White Bitch
The FWB (fucked up white bitch) ate the last twinkie.
Britney is one FWB (fucked up white bitch).
by hialtud May 31, 2007
FWB stands for Free Will Baptist.
I attend a FWB Church. = I attend a Free Will Baptist Church.
by Ella C. April 17, 2007

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