Translation-Friends with benefits- the words basically explains itself... Friends that are usually both single; that do "stuff" together as in sex, making out etc.
He became my fwb over the summer
by AnonymousBlondeGirl01 October 10, 2015
(*Your buddie thts always there to satisfy your sexual desires*)
One who you share :
1.the time your parents aren't home
2.Your lips
3.Your hips
4.Sooner or later your but hole
5. If you're really stupid or really horny, your pussy with
But still don't have that title (girlfriend)
And you wonder why he still hasn't asked you 2 be his girl 'yet' * He told you the famous quote before he asks 4 head or pussy:: "I luv u 'baby'" you think heez all into u* !?!DNT YU?!?


Boy- hey baby I mist u all week. Jus couldn't stop thinkin boutchu

Girl- O babez I couldn't stop thinkin boutchu either

YOU(the 'f.w.b.') - hey I thot I wuz ur 'babez'!?!

Boy- o naw hoe we jus f.w.b.

Girl- Whaaa?

Boy- friends with benefits* look it up

& thts how u found urself here gurl

U realized tht u dnt wanna be cheap & u wanna giv yo body 2 a man tht wants u 2 be his 1 & only girl........but ur good old f.w.b. lives right down the street & that dildo just aint doin the trik anymore_next thing u no, u hopped right bak on his dick knowing tht yall will alwayz be there 4 eachother when ur horny & that bein frendz with him really duz hav its benefits*

-its a beautiful thing!
by *ChiChi*=*HoRNBaLL*!?!* January 25, 2010
fuck-wit it-bitch!!!
(lui) Yo ima chill wit my f.w.b. tonight
(matt)WTF is dat
(lui) my fuck wit it bitch
by dwb(dont worry bout it) May 25, 2008
friends w/benefits- when two can make a mess (sexually, mentally, and otherwise) and not have to clean it up
Yeah, we are definitely FWBs we sexin' but we dang sure ain't cuddlin'!!!!!
by Citrine November 01, 2006
Pronounced (Fuh-wehb). Short for Friend with Benefits
"Are you two an item now!?"
"No...we're just in it for the sex, he's just my fwb"
by Cra-pple January 24, 2010
Invented one night in the basement of an Oakville home , this is the short word version of friend(s) with benefit(s) . This word can be used in public more easily without others in the loop knowing.

( pronounced fiwb) or said as fwb.
While watching Harry Potter ;

Girl: "Hermonie is such a FWB , she has Harry and Ron , best friend EVER "

other girl : " She is a good FWB"
by NoshKay February 18, 2010
An acronym for "Fat Water Buffalo", FWB signifies someone either physically fat, or figuratively fat (i.e. a large/fat ego).
Someone is refusing to stand up when he/she is supposed to; and the person next to them says: "Get up, you FWB!"
by G+D May 13, 2011

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