Fucking White Boy. Pronounced (FWAB).
A term used by non-whites to describe mostly people of European descent (although Jews can fall under this definition). Characterized by their inferior pale skin, they have to apply sunblock on their noses when in the sun. They look like some fucked-up mister potato head doll.

Historically, they have been driven by greed and a lust for blood. They have killed and enslaved more people than all other races combined. And they wonder why they are hated so much.

They have a tendency to gather in groups wearing their laundry over their heads. They have the gall calling Arabs "rag-heads" when they themselves are sheet-heads, or rather, shit-heads. FWABs also like to shave their heads to expose more pale skin to the sun. They turn a lobster color when their skin burns and they have the nerve to call Native-Americans "the red man".
Tyrone: Those Fucking White Boys (FWBs, FWABs) are giving back everything they stole from everyone else albeit unwillingly. I bet you they're shittin' in their pants right now.

Jerome: Yeah, their land, their property, their money and their white bitches (Damn those white bitches are skanky! They do shit other non-white girls won't). Soon Fucking White Boys (FWBs, FWABs) will be a minority in America.
by Ashamed to be white March 10, 2009
Top Definition
see 'friends with benefits'

casual relationship implying no committment, but involving companionship (the friends bit) and some sort of physical element like making out, sex, baseball (the benefits). although rumored to be a myth, absolutely possible.
i don't have a boyfriend, but i do get to make out with my FWB.
by lette November 05, 2003
"Friends With Benefits"
When two people aren't officially going out but have sex anyway. Compare with fuck buddy.
My roommate's not with her anymore. They're FWB now.
by The Grammar Nazi February 17, 2002
Friends With Benefits
The best thing a man can ever ask for: you get a nice caring friend, sex and free sammiches AND you don't have to have kids or live with her. What else could you desire?
Right after the lecture I am going to my fwb to get some free sammiches and have some nice sex.
by Operson February 12, 2009
Friends with benefits
Out of all my fwbs, Pochohontas is my fav.
by DJBreezy May 28, 2014
Friends With Benefits.
Comes from Wayne Brady song called “F.W.B”:
Lets be lovers, friends and confidantes,
'cause you're all the woman I could want,
Don't nobody need to know
We're F.W.B.
by niketas August 11, 2009
abbreviation for friends with benefits.

acting with a friend as if you were in a relationship, but causing no conflict.
basically, regular friends, but a little more extra action.
Chick1: "Being FWBs is getting annoying."
Chick2: "Yeah, why can't that boy just ask you to be his girlfriend?"
by nigaha December 11, 2007
Two friends in denial that they like each other.
"Do you like me?"
"No, Do you like me? "
No, But lets makeout anyway, FWB FOR LIFE <33
by Haaydeen March 15, 2011
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