Internet acronym for "fuck you very much", a term from the semi-popular Lily Allen song, titled "Fuck You". This derogatory term is used in the same manner as "Thank You" or "Thank You Very Much", but it has a sinister twist.

This acronym, or indeed the full term itself, is often used in a situation where a person has tried to be funny, but failed, as a last resort to steer the subject away from intense embarrassment.

When vocalised, pronunciation becomes fjuːvʌm, said like few-vum.
Lily: Bob asked me out today, and I rejected him.
Allen: ...
Lily: Good story, bad story?
Allen: Meh.
Lily: Well, FUVM.
by sajseven January 11, 2010
Fuck you very much
Person A: ur not funny. stop trying.
Person B: FUVM
by paloooz June 27, 2009

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