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Fat Upper Vaginal Area for females, or FFA-Full Frontal Ass in males. When someone is so fat, it looks as if they have a beachball stuffed in the front of their pants. This condition often keeps the afflicted from seeing their genitals without the aid of a mirror. It is recommended that you avoid any sexual contact whatsoever with anyone suffering from FFA or FUVA. It is not contagious, but very disgusting.
Her FUVA is so out of control.
by Monty April 28, 2004
Acronym: Fat Upper Vaginal Area. The fat the builds up around the lower tummy area.
I had to go to the gym to get rid of my fuva.
by Pierce Barney October 26, 2007
acronym for FUCK YOU VIRGINA
Girls here in Onancock, Va like dudes with boats,a landscaping company, and a coke habit. I just moved here and can't get laid. SO I'm toatally FUVA,i'm going to Maryland for some easier chicks
by instantkarmaVA August 18, 2008

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