A "blob" or "pouch" of fat above the groin area which is usually seen on heavyset old women or obese men. This is usually mistaken as the stomach or camel toe.
Look at that old woman's fupa.
by jose escobar minraldez June 11, 2010
1) noun - fat upper pussy area
2) verb - fart under pelicans ass
3) noun - fat upper penis area
Hey ryan, did you see that fat lady sprinting down the street as her fupa slapped her in the nose?
by Tyler Hughes June 27, 2008
Front Upper Pussy Area
DAMNNN look at the FUPA on that bitch!
by El Bistro February 22, 2007

You would have to lift up Oprah's fupa in order to have any chance of seeing her fur.
by Thundermug June 26, 2006
Acronym for Fat Upper Pussy Area. Resembles a hip-pack, which at times, can obscure the owners view of there own pussy.

also known as the "gunt"
In order to contact the pink, I had to prop up her fupa with as stick.
by Larry Stevens June 01, 2005
Acronym for Fantastic Unbelievable Personal Achievement.
"Wow! Mrs. Johnson, that's quite a fupa you got there! :D"
by NormalBoy November 02, 2004
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