fupa: Fat upper pussy area, similar to a sperm pooch or sperm dumpster, fupa is the fleshy area that bulges out and extends from the top of the vagina, under the pubic area and in extreme cases may reach as far up as the belly button. fupa that reaches a large enough size to have cleavage is referred to as moose knuckles. if fupa gets so big that you cant tell the front of a woman from her back, she is know as having front butt. not to be confused with camel toe which is a completely different phenomenon.
She was a good lay due to her nice soft fupa.
by SouthernHoopty September 05, 2010
many different acronyms for this one word

"Fat Upper Pussy Area"
"Fat Under Pants Ass"
"Fat Upper Pussy Ass"
"Fat Upper Penis Area"
"Fat Upper Pubic Area"

you pick really..because they all mean the same thing. It's like a muffin top but it sucks way more.Not really sure how they're formed though...it's a mystery.
"Woah, Mrs.Anderson has a great face but a huge FUPA"
by flashmastaa December 30, 2009
Fat upper pussy area
That chick is nasty... did you see the fupa on her?
by singingkels82 September 23, 2008
Fat Upper Pussy Area(BOV).pretty self explanatory
yo that bitch got a nice ass but too much FUPA
by hamrhed May 10, 2006
Literally means Fat Upper Pussy Area. You know you've all seen those ladys who arent fat any where else but right under there gut- and it's falling over their pussy!
Look at that skank with the huge fupa, it's falling over her shoes!
by molly February 12, 2005
its from some girl in college. she looked pretty good but had this mini gut above her crotch. so she was the original fupa. F.U.P.A. fat upper pussy area
that bitch was hot but had fupa.
by dirk dig November 19, 2004
there are three places for fat to gather in the torso region: In the breasts (bitch tits for men), the gut, and the fupa. The fupa is the layer of fat right above the belt line. Also known as the fat vagina.
Wow Shauna Cruise, that is one great fupa! You could hide Jews in there!
by BRB May 24, 2004

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