Is a phrase used to say i have shit on my head phones During taking a shit/Flushing the shit down the toilet
I Shit on my headphones

I Fungused my head phones
by Lhix Ahnos December 08, 2012
Someone who lays around all day doing nothing and waiting for the welfare check.
Damn those abrams are some lazy mother fuckers.
by sgtSnafu July 25, 2005
A person who has a large belly, pisses their pants, keeps rotting food in their locker and smells like he just took a crap and smeared it all over himself.
Everyone, run! That fungus kid is over there
by schu May 01, 2005
A person (usually a Bundu) who spends most of his life in bed or on his computer, wearing no shirt, and stalking MSA girls on Facebook. Funguses tend to grunt randomly and make other fungus noises when they haven't had any "action" in a while. They also ruin the pillows on the couch and mess up the sheets on their friends bed.
That guy is such a Fungus, he woke up at 5pm and went straight to the business school.
by Nyqra'ena October 29, 2007
Fungus is that dude that can get you what ever you want...aicd,shrooms,all different killer buds, pills haha anything you want.. get it from the Fungus Man........


oooh how i love thos golden tops!!
Fungus "i got what you need"
by MONEY MAKEIN MITCH September 24, 2006
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