For The Win
Commonly used among geeks to express their enthusiasm for something, especially in IRC.
a) Cola is best
b) nope, Pepsi is way better
a) Cola FTW!
by BakkiZ August 31, 2005
'FTW' means 'for the win', an internet cheer used to express enthusiasm around an achievement. It can also be used in place of 'epic win' and other expressions of victory.
'anti-lock braking, ftw!',
'spellchecker, ftw!',
'low-carb diets, ftw!'
'Android smartphone, ftw!'
'hail mary pass, ftw!'
by kerllin December 28, 2015
FTW can mean For the Win, Fuck the World, and Fuck the What
You like moldy cheese? FTW?
by max8======o November 11, 2014
It can mean For The Win or Fuck The World. Many reasons are real, it can also mean other things like, Fuck The What or... well anything!
Girl (Gina): Hey there, Dan!

Boy (Dan): Hey there Gina... THE WORLD FTW!

Girl (Gina): So, so true, maybe FTW?

Boy (Dan): Now i'm confused...
by CG_RavingRadish March 28, 2015
Fuck the world. When someone is feeling down/depressed and he/she feels alone, they tend to feel like the world is against them.
Man I'm tired of this shit. FTW!
by BadmanEnuh October 26, 2011
commonly referred internet acronym meaning 'fuck the world'
I smoke weed before going to school. Ftw.
by Seth Manley May 19, 2007
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