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fuck the queen
Used by people who rightly so oppose the british monarchy
FTQ and the UDA ya billy
by steveo_the_hibby August 24, 2006
For the quickie.

Is said when you know you're getting laid or pity sex.
Person: *sigh* Fine, let's have sex.
You: FTQ!!!
by AwesomeNulclearUsersSupreme February 19, 2011
For the Queer! It's like FTW but when you want to make a homo joke but you're actually no homo.
just the way you like it, up the rear. ftq
by ecrotch June 29, 2011
FTQ means "For The Queen!" Usually used in message's boards and MMORPG's such as WoW as a war cry, when it also comes handy in any Role Play forum, today's spammers also use it as a reference to denote inactivity and boredom, applying it again as a war cry to demand more posts.
No one language, aside from the Queen's English, is better than any other. Brown Heathens.

I'll destroy you and your pathethic soldiers FTQ!
by Mirak Kubikle December 20, 2006
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