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1. FTL drive is the name for a variety of concepts which allow a vehicle to move at speeds faster than light in a vacuum. It is the mother concept of hyperdrive, jump drive, warp drive and numerous other speculative inventions. Such devices have not yet been produced in real life.

2. FTL drive in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica is a device which bends space, allowing a spacecraft to instantly relocate between two points.
by Isidis 128 January 02, 2008
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Battlestar Galactica Series refers to the FTL Drive when they need to 'jump' into 'hyper-space' (they don't refer to it as 'hyper-space'. They have a countdown to the 'jump' which seems to happen for just a second and the ship then appears at the destination point.
by Andrew Pobirs July 30, 2006
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The FTL Drive or Faster Than Life Drive is an as of yet fictional means of travelling the long distances between stars in a short period of time. The FTL Drive also somehow beats the time dilation experienced travelling faster than relativistic speed.

The drive itself takes on many shapes and forms throughout the science fiction genre but all incarnations accomplish the same goal. For example, in the universe of Star Wars, the concept of Hyperspace exists, a way to cross the galaxy in mere days. There's Warp (a way to not cross space but compress and stretch it) mentioned in Star Trek, EVE online, and Babylon 5, and the Concept of Slipspream Space mentioned in Halo, Andromeda and even in Star Trek.

In some cases, ships in transit are not able to communicate or even see each other due to them being outside normal reality, however, when exiting, ships can just appear out of nowhere in either a scattered group or a fine-tuned formation depending how advanced the drive is.
The USS Ulysseus activated her FTL Drive. She speed off into the darkness with only a wink of light to mark her passage.
by Chris000 August 28, 2008
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