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FernTree Gully, A lowly suburb near the Dandenong Ranges which comprises mainly of bogans and the lowest of lows in the socio-economic spectrum.
Oh that next train is going to Upper FTG, the suburb of fail.
by Abigaaiall July 17, 2008
6 19
Acronym for "Failure to Google". Due diligence before using a word you don't know well, making up a new one (or a new acronym), or relating information you're not sure of.
MS stands for Multiple Sclerosis. Good choice of acronym, Microsoft founders. That is a clear case of FTG.
by D. E. Lindner March 24, 2008
26 39
'FTG' is net speak for 'for the gay'

used similarly to FTW but with a different sentiment
woolworths ftw, 7-11 is like, ftg
by wiseguy_31 March 11, 2006
69 82
Acronym. "Fuck That Guy"
Jason and I were chatting in the office when Kyle came in to announce his promotion. FTG. (Fuck That Guy)
by johniebravo October 02, 2009
5 19
Fuck That Guy.
Usually used in describing a dude, but can be used other wise(i.e. Fuck That Girl).
"Yo, you know that douchebag with the middle-part?"
"Yeah! Total FTG."
by Kate Taylor February 11, 2008
1 15
"for the green"

used in discussion's on ESPN's "Streak for the Cash" when bragging about your selection that's a lock, even though there are no locks.
Manchester United over AC Milan ftg.
by robot_ February 17, 2010
2 17
"fuck this game"
can be used as a feeling negative, happy pissed or shocked.
Gar: Dude your girl friend is cheating on you

Zip207: FTG
by Gar and Zip207 January 14, 2009
5 20