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(Front-side Board-slide)When a snowboarder rides on an element with his board perpendicular to the element and he is facing down the mountain.
That was a sick FSBS John!
by Johnspin January 30, 2011
2 1
fucking shitty bollocks. generally when things aren't going too well.
person a: everything's just fsb atm. >.<
person b: why whats up?
by Beth Berry March 03, 2007
25 25
Fuck, suck, bust
Damn last night was great, first i fucked my girl, then she sucked my dick and then i nutted. I definitely love the FSB method
by EAM94 February 09, 2011
4 5
short for Flight suit boners, and occur when you are a pilot and you see some fine ass female while wearing your flight suit and you start to grow a full on rager, but instead of hiding it, you MUST flaunt it.
Hey Dan, is that an FSB i see?
You know it.
by jamie webber December 10, 2010
2 3
Fruit Salad Bunch, a West Auckland, New Zealand crew hell bent on gaining fame and notoriety through high - risk graffiti.

The crew consists of:


and many others
"Did you see that new risky as FSB hit g"

"Ye g, those cunts are eatarse oww"
by PAWNOSPORNOSFSB November 07, 2006
4 6
"Fucking State Bitch"
You know em, the ones walking around your friendly neighborhood state university campus. Sporting ten tons of makeup and accessories, prancing in heels to class and whoring herself to whatever assholes she can meet in class or at parties. Usually marked by the wearing of clothes that are a size or two too small, resulting in the muffintopping of her f.u.p.a. (see entry). These gals are present in all aspects of college life, usually like to drink, hence the added calories.

"Hey, check out those f.s.b.'s."

"Yeah, I bet at least one of them has herpes."

by peah September 23, 2007
0 4
eleanor stop looking on urban dictionary for FSB. it's not here. it never will be. love you.
eleanor: will you tell us what FSB is?
emily: perhaps
erin: perrrhapps
by carppol2k8 March 18, 2008
21 26