A woman who is friends with a gay or bisexual man but who does not have an interest in seducing them like many fag hags do. (Could be for a variety of reasons, they themselves maybe lesbians or may just enjoy being friends with a man who isn’t trying to get in their pants). Typically very attractive.
There are many a fruit fly in Florida.
by OneBadAsp October 21, 2006
Top Definition
An attractive female who hangs around gay males.
The same as a fag hag but attractive.
Grace is such a fruit fly.
by BAH March 26, 2004
A woman who enjoys the company of gay men. The woman is usually very attractive and chooses to be with gay men instead of straight men.
wow, that girl is to hot to be a faghag, she MUST be a fruitfly.
by afruitfli September 19, 2003
Parallels "Fag hag" yet meant for a young and attractive female instead of an old woman implied from hag.
This is my beautiful fruit fly!
by Kym February 08, 2005
1) A politically correct term for "Fag Hag," also known as the gay's best friend.

2) One, usually a human of the female gender, who attracts the attention of men of homosexual orientation.

3) A gay man's Bitch
Grace and Karen, from 'WIll and Grace,' are the two most celebrated FRUIT FLYS; each has her own gay with whom she may gossip and expiriment.
by Pradalicious September 09, 2009
The name for a woman or group of women who like to hang out with gay men.

Plural: Fruit Flies
Dude, Christina is such a Fruit Fly!
by MrMorales June 08, 2011
A fruit fly can also be a person of either gender who hangs out gay men and/or lesbians.

Basically a unisex fag hag.
Jesse goes to Pride every year, he's such a fruit fly.
by Mr. F. May 19, 2009
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