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7 definitions by UndeadMessenger

the pain one feels on the bottom of or just below their nose after wiping it too much with tissues. Usually occurs during alergy season or when he or she has a runny/congested nose
Damn, I hate allergy season. I'm always getting tissue burn after wiping my nose too much.
by UndeadMessenger May 26, 2007
28 2
In a video game shooter, a weapon that a player is very skilled at using. The player will often get a lot of kills with this weapon and will use it at every opportunity.
Bob: "Damnit Jim! You're always killing everybody with the torque bow!"
Jim: "That's because its my hack weapon."
by UndeadMessenger February 15, 2009
6 0
In swimming, when one dives into the pool when starting a race and his or her goggles immediately completely fill up with water or fall off, usually ending up somewhere part way down the person's face.
Brian: "Damn, dude. What happened during that race? You're time was freaking slow."

Tom: "I experienced total gogular failure and couldn't see shit."
by UndeadMessenger March 19, 2009
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Another way of saying "extremely sneaky". Often used when someone is very suddenly surprised by someone else or when someone gets away or very quickly disappears without a trace, only to reappear later.
Jim:"What the hell happened to Chris? He was here just a second ago but now he's gone."
Brandon: "Maybe he's trying to be shneekay shneekay again."
by UndeadMessenger February 18, 2009
3 0
Friend request.

Often used on Xbox Live or gaming forums.
You have Halo 3 too?
Yep. Send me an FR and we can play sometime.
by UndeadMessenger February 17, 2007
60 57
Something that is so good, that it ends up being really horrible. It's like a miracle that brings the apocalypse.
Wow! I ate so much of that great pie that I'm about to die from morbid obesity, what an Apocamiracle.
by UndeadMessenger January 13, 2010
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In American Football, tackling a position player (someone who isn't the quarterback) behind the line of scrimage, incurring a loss of yardage.
Oh! Did you see that? That running back just got sackled.
by UndeadMessenger February 07, 2010
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