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"Fucking Patronizing Fucking"
A name commonly used by musicians being overly-emotional at being told to calm down and have some tea.

Can also be used in any situation were one is being told to calm down/
You FPF!
by Jayward July 19, 2010
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FPF-(focus pasion finish)- used by many people to describe all things good in life. It is a verb a noun and an adjective all in one. Also could be used in describing the 3 steps of male masturbation. One must focus One must use pasion and one must finish! It is a way of life for almost every American and Irish person alike. Other sayings include "restoring order" "crash" and "NO EXCUSES".
1) That dude looked totally FPF.

2) When masturbating just remember...FPF

3) FPF, its a way of life
by DUFFYFOOTBALLFPF March 27, 2009
abbrivation for Fuck ,Party, and Fight, things to do when bored
person 1: dude what do you wanna do tonight?

person 2: Mann i say we do a little F.P.F
by Goldphish August 16, 2010
stands for fist pumping faggots. used when talking about guys who act like they are on jersey shore and like to fist pump while listening to 'i like it'.
wow look at that fpf!
by tscafe December 05, 2010
Simply, Fat Person Friendly. Refers to places and objects that can support the needs of the morbidly obese such as but not limited to chairs, hallways, and all-you-can-eat buffets. In recent years, FPF logic has really come into play because our population is exploding. Engineers now have to design hospitals to accomodate the gravitationally-challenged.
"Aww man. You drive a Geo Metro? That car isn't FPF."
by TransMayernik May 06, 2005

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