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Farting in any enclosed space (such as a compact car, elevator, or phone booth) so as other people who are present (or will be shortly) can enjoy your emission.
Hot damn! Someone really left a cleveland air freshener in this cab!
by TransMayernik April 22, 2005
noun. Means to be stoned or baked. Comes from the glazed-over appearance that most who are stoned portray.
The crowd at Denny's at 2am on a Saturday morning is usually pretty frosted.
by TransMayernik November 29, 2005
The morning after a long night of drinking cheap beer, start 69ing with your hubby. Invariably, a very rank fart will develop. Right before orgasm, yell "Drive By" and fart right in her face, then unload in her mouth. This works best on one night stands with fat and/or ugly girls, because no girl you ever do this with will come near you again.
"Why's Laura washing her face?"

"Because Bob AK Sprayed her a few minutes ago."
by TransMayernik April 23, 2005
n. A place, usually in suburbia, that's an over-populated dump. Most small-town apartment buildings can be refered to as such.
"Joe lives out in Ledbetter Heights"
by TransMayernik May 10, 2005
Orally pleasuring someone who's mentally slow.
Instead of a turkey club for lunch, Bob had a club sped and now has fish goo in his mustache.
by TransMayernik April 22, 2005
Motion sickness, or any other sickness, such as the flu, that induces nausea and vomiting.
Bob got the herky jerkies from riding in the back of the van.
by TransMayernik April 22, 2005
Simply, Fat Person Friendly. Refers to places and objects that can support the needs of the morbidly obese such as but not limited to chairs, hallways, and all-you-can-eat buffets. In recent years, FPF logic has really come into play because our population is exploding. Engineers now have to design hospitals to accomodate the gravitationally-challenged.
"Aww man. You drive a Geo Metro? That car isn't FPF."
by TransMayernik May 06, 2005

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