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An acronym for the phrase "Far Out Man"
Mainly to be used in online chat but it can be used irl
Person A: I just ate some of the best pizza rolls
Person B: FOM
by PaleOgre October 03, 2006
Fear of Missing Something. The emotion that compels you to join your friends when you know you shouldn't or really don't feel like it.
I was really tired from the night before but I got a serious case of the FOMS and went out anyway.
by KenMac July 12, 2005
acronym for "freak out moment"
one can be "fomming" meaning they are
having a freak out moment
one can be a fommer meaning this is
a person who has many freak out moments

originated in Kenosha, Wisconsin
Don't fom.

(Don't have a freak out moment.)
by ESL girl April 16, 2010
Fear of Missing Something. Constant worry of friends having fun while you're doing something else.
Damn, the girls are going to Dewey Beach this week-end and I have to go to a family wedding. I'm going to have major FOMS.
by R Street Gurl March 15, 2009
Fuck Off Massive - An acronym used when trying to emphasize the extreme size of something.
Dude, that zombie kid is fom!
by fom man August 10, 2010
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