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Text language for fuck off forever
Girl 1: John won't stop texting me! It's like harassment!

Girl 2: If he's being a creeper, just tell him to FOF!
by happyredhat March 15, 2010
"food on face"
A term commonly used between two stupid teenagers who have just ate lunch.


"yah, you got a little somethin' somethin' right there."
by pupcookie May 07, 2009
Fuck Off Face

Body language/Non-Verbal communication typically comprised of a harsh glare or look.

Said FOF is usually generated as a response to jokes or criticism.

Typically this face is created by interactions amongst siblings and/or close friends.
Tom, did you see James' FOF?

I sure did Dick, James' has to be the world FOF leader. Taking away his "Yes, Prime Minister" DVD are a guaranteed way to provoke James' FOF.

James has an uparalleled FOF. My friend Nell does come in a close second, but cannot hold the FOF nearly as long as James.

Dick, lets arrange a FOF competition between James and Nell. The world awaits the FOF champion coronation!
by MeEnergia March 09, 2010
The last bit of soda that is impossible to get out of the can and into your mouth.
Anneke: Hey, can I have a sip of your soda?

Tony: You can try, but all that's left is the fof.
by Toninator May 21, 2009
Full of Fail.
A way to describe something that is so Epic fail.
Amo - Lawl Zath check out my new spec it is the win roflmao!!1!11one!!11!
Zath - no it's not it's FoF

Specialized - SAVE BRITNEY!
Kirel- Britney Spears is so FoF.
by Zathy December 31, 2007
it usually means to fuck off
nick h - mitch im gay

mitch t- FOF(fuck off)
by mr.tenaglia July 28, 2008
A pronounced acronym, a derogotory term for illigal immigrent to the US from mexico. Litteraly, it means "fresh over fence"
Dude that FOF thats mowing your lawn was staring at my girlfriend.
by Eeean April 03, 2007