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A Saying which is used to take the piss out of a person with a huge head, Manchester slang, an Ad-lib of the word Godzilla which is the scary monster off some film so by calling some one Fodzilla your basically insulting there hugeeeee head ^.^
Person 1: OMG did you see that girl on urbis?
Person 2: Who, Fodzilla?
Person 1: The one with the huge head?
Person 2: yeahh fodzilla
by Ambrawr August 03, 2011
A person with a huge head manchester slang term
nicholas mcabe is known as fodzilla to his foes
by ivona tinkle January 03, 2005
A word used to insult those whose forehead is beyond measurement.
Yo Fodzilla, you look like gervinho.
by @DRYPOTATO February 27, 2012
Keith Olbermann.
Fodzilla's all worked up over decent healthcare. Too bad we have to cover all the gullible, unpatriotic asshatards who're fighting it.
by fukulator October 08, 2009
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