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Abbreviation of Fuckin' Bitch.
FNB is pronounced like "effin-be". Thus is written fnb.
FNB gave me an F on my homework.

Don't mess with that chick. She's an fnb.

Damn. FNB did it again
by 오 야 베비! February 22, 2011
Fat Nasty Bitch
Check out that FNB over there, gross!
by Gizzelle69 October 19, 2011
A group created by teenagers in Orange County during the summer of 2008, it stands for Fear No Beer.
Those FNB kids can drink till the cows come home.
by Newps492 February 11, 2009
Fun New Boy! When you need to get over any boy, an ex or someone you were dating.
girl you need to get yourself a FNB
by loveevollifeefil December 21, 2010
abbreviation used for 'fear no bitch'
"What's 'FNB'?"
"Fear No Bitch! Say it."
"Fear no bitch."
"No, you gotta say it loud."
by that girl; July 25, 2009
Far n Back, a chick so ugly that you can only look at the back from far
SHEIT, I saw that bitch up close and I wanted to puke, she should have a FnB tag on her face!
by Anonymous October 14, 2002
a group of 15-25 year olds that love ultra violence booze and pills there pompeys inner city firm. there hard but there the nicest bunch of people you could ever meet
the fnb are milton and eastneys finest

by Lewisp1991-2007 January 24, 2007

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