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A spin on the phrase FML (Fuck My Life), FMLR stands for "Fuck My Life Rocks". FMLR takes the idea of FML and completely reverses it's meaning and emphasis, as the word "Fuck" in FMLR becomes an exclamation of enthusiasm, instead of it's negative connotations in FML.

FRML can be used to state how awesome your life is at a certain moment, or in general.
I just scored two free tickets to the gig! FMLR
by grim slim March 26, 2009
Fuck my life reject. A person who gets rejected from FML (fmylife.com). This person usually posts unrealistic stories that always gets rejected. FMLR
Today, I got rejected from FML for the 5th time. FMLR

FML accepted: Hey I just got my story submitted on FML what happened to your story?

FMLR: It got rejected.
by FMLreject January 05, 2010