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When FML (Fuck My Life) and FMFL (Fuck My Fucking Life) really just don't cut it, FMGDFSAL(Fuck My GodDamn Fucking Shit-Ass Life) really hits the spot.
Bro1: Ah, crap, I got a 38 on the test. Now my parents are going to kill me. FML
Bro2: I woke up at 530, read an email from my former gf breaking up with me, got a 10 on that test and another one I got an 11, got a shitload of homework, and ran 1.5 miles, did 400+ pushups and 700+ crunches(motherfucking gym teacher), and still have probs 3 hours of homework to do. FMGDFSAL!!1
Bro1: wow, I have no right to complain, FYGDFSAL
by ufarb December 06, 2012
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