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A shortening of the phrase: "Fuck my actual life".

Can be used in times of great distress and annoyance.

Used for more emphasis than the common "FML" phrase.
by Subtly Obvious! March 28, 2011
Fuck my ass laughing.

Abbreviation for finding something humorous, in a similar sense as LOL, LMAO, ROFL, LMFAO, ROFLCOPTER, LULZ, LAWL, LAWLIPOPZ, among others, are used.
Random loser: A bra i juss got me a quata ounceeee but ah losst it.

Other dude: FMAL!!!!
by Final Boss of the Interwebs April 13, 2008
An acronym for "F My Awkward Life", the name of a popular website, where people post their daily awkward stories. All stories end with FMAL.
Joe - '​'​ How long are you into pregnancy​??'​'​...... Fat woman - '​'​I'​m not pregnant'​'​. FMAL.
by FMAL January 14, 2010
Fuck My Average Life
Today i went to the supermarket to buy some cereal. nothing happened. FMAL
by rooz90 June 03, 2009
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