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FMAH is a shortcut for : Fuck Me Another Hole.
Blogger : " I need a boyfriend. "
Bitch : " Go hang yourself you fucking horse face. "
Blogger : " Hey stop that, people tell me I'm pretty all the time"
Bitch : " ah just FMAH with that dick of yours, would be less painfull than looking at the turd you have instead of a face."
by Kasseuh August 03, 2009
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The abbreviated slang word for "Fuck My Ass Hole". Used in the same way FML is, but only when the situation is so bad that it requires you to fuck something much more vulgar than your life.
"I got a 32% on the unit test, FMAH!"

"FMAH this is so booooorring."

"I have to go home with the bungmaster, FMAH."

"I'm on my period, FMAH!"
by Yipps93 December 10, 2009
something a girl does
she fmah'd me
by fmahly June 19, 2009

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