1.) someone who is a MAJOR flirt but not quite a slut, usually a girl. Will often wear skanky clothes, flirt with tons of guys at once and "steal" boys from their friends or other girls.

2.) a flirty and/or bitchy person. Once again, usually a girl.
God, did you hear about what happened with Brandon and Shannon? She is such a f-ing flut.
by Jynxed October 27, 2009
A flat of sluts. Plural similar to group or 'flock'.
You know when you go back to a after party and there are 5 sluts that live in the house all after cock. That's a FLUT.
by Bondi Legend September 20, 2013
A friend who's a slut
Travis: Ava is such a Flut, she's always running around with some new person. However she is a good friend.
by J-Gill1995 December 02, 2012
The Feeling of doing something awesome or amazing.
Formerly used as "sweet"
Man1: How was the skate park yesterday?

Man2: I hit a darkslide on the rail, It was flut!
by GettinDownOnFriday March 23, 2011
1: Greg, G-korps, Korpanator,

2: The modern day slang term for Fat Slut, used in the situation when a fat girl thinks she is fat

3: Slang for fucking slut, when a person is talking about a slut in anger.
1: G-Korps is the one true meaning of flut.

2: "do you see that Fat Slut?"

"Yeah she's such a Flut"

3: "I hate that damn Flut"
by Total LOLS February 01, 2012
1. comes from the words food and slut.

2. to eat "around" off of other people's plates."

3. to return more than once for another helping of cake, candy, etc.
person 1: "I just cannot stop going back to the candy dish! Oh and I already had two donuts from the manager.

person 2: "Well (person 1) that is because you are a flut."
by katkandy914 April 20, 2009
FAKE SLUT, mother fucker who is a wanna be slut but cant get none
shes such a flut she fucks her pilloww
by brad huckabee January 12, 2008

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