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When you put a fist in someone's ass and open your hand as wide as possible. This is also known as a "Staten Island tsunami"
I was fisting my girlfriends ass and decided to go for the flumper.
by TbagMartin March 23, 2010
when a said women, usually a skank, gives you head while you are taking a shit.
Damn man, jane gave me one of the best flumpers I have ever had!
by Paul Hanes April 06, 2005
The act of giving head whilst the man takes a shit.
I couldn't tell what felt better bustin out that ass brownie or the blowjob my girl was giving me, like Hannah Montana said, "gettin a Flumper is the best of both worlds"
by Forb-Z August 11, 2010
A flumper is someone who breaks wind a lot.
what a flumper!!
Travis you little flumper!
by Mark, Nic, Rach, Katie March 17, 2005

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