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The act of taking a great shit that makes you feel 8+ more pounds lighter.
Person 1: Hey hows it going??

Person 2: Fantastic, I was just FLOATING a couple of minutes ago.

Person 1: You must feel good now!!
by ALI-G RESPECT September 18, 2009
The act of which a male puts his cock inside a woman's vagina and doesn't move or do any thrusts or movements
I was with this girl and all she wanted to do was have me floating in her pussy.
by blake chinn October 30, 2007
Wandering around, esp. while high.
We jacked up on heroin and floated around the club.
by RadiKS December 08, 2002
Rather than actually engaging in back and fourth penetration, a Mormon male will leave his penis in a Mormon female's vagina and just let it float there for an extended period of time. This is a very popular ritual practiced by millions of happy Mormon couples everywhere. Usually during this extreme act of closeness, the male and the female will talk about mundane things and scriptures they have read about in their place of worship. Its great bonding experience and doesn't effect their chances of getting into Heaven. This is the act of floating. Also referred to as the Provo Float. Sometimes confused with a Provo Soak.
Jacob Smith: What did you do this weekend Jonas?
Jonas Smith: I was floating with my honey.
Jacob Smith: Niiiiiiice.
by MoreMonHistory July 10, 2014
Floating refers to what is in the air. Or another way of saying What's up?! (wazzup)
What's Floating Brotha? - Waz Floatin' Bro?

I got tingz Floatin' all over the place at the moment (Alot of things to handle/deal with).

Shits Floatin' around (a rumour is going around, or a fights about to happen)
by WAVE~Rider February 15, 2012
When something doesn't sink in the rain.
The buildings in London are floating.
by moken January 29, 2015
The art of maintaining a passing grade throughout the course, consistantly doing little or no work. Best accomplished in room 237.
"I floated through Fewsters class, all we did was play games..."

"Man Im gonna fail! Help me!"
"Just float man...just float.. the only chance you have, is by floating."
by AdrianADRIANA D R I A N February 14, 2007

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