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FKM is an acronym which stands for "Fat Kid Mentality". Many people suffer from FKM - FKM affects every aspect of their lives. FKM sufferers NEED to do everything in excess. Whether it be ordering an extra cheeseburger with their Xtra Value meal or having psychotic munchies. FKM causes impulse buying, excessing horniness, drinking, smoking...excessing everything! Most FKM sufferers have little or no control over their lives.
(Noun) Look at Fatty over there, he's got a serious case of FKM! He had two McDonald's trays to himself!

(Verb) I FKMed a pound of cheese, some nachos and three burgers tonight.

(Verb2) I FKMed the shit out of girlfriend last night. She's gonna be sore today!
by ShVR February 19, 2006
36 27
Fucking kidding me?
Guy: yo I just took a upperdecker in your bathroom
Another guy: bro, fkm
by Makeitrain888 March 27, 2011
10 4
Friend one: Dude i crashed your car into the lake. oh and your exam paper was in there too, which is now in the lake.

Friend two: oohh lord fkm. my life sucks.
by wellshit. April 04, 2012
5 4