A prestigious public university in the world's best city- Miami! FIU has one of the country's top 10 best business schools, and is well known for its programs in Law, Medicine, Architecture, and Business. Every semester there's a new building built on campus, because FIU never stops growing, and its rankings never stop rising. FIU is also the hardest school to get into in Florida with a 33% admissions rate for 2008.

FIU is located in America's best city- Miami, the world's sexiest city. The Golden Panthers football team plays at the on-campus stadium, FIU Stadium. GO PANTHERS!
UF student: Where do you go to school?
FIU student: FIU!
UF student: Whaaat?! NO WAY! You get to go to FIU, and be in Miami! I get to rot in redneck Gainesville, Florida. I'm transferring!
by miami_girl2 May 15, 2009
Top Definition
A college that is located in Miami
by Poodle March 17, 2005
FIU or Florida International University, is a public research university in Miami, Florida. It is one of the largest universities in the United States, and is highly-ranked in many areas such as Business, Law and Architecture. Their athletic teams are named the "Golden Panthers", and play on many on-campus venues, such as FIU Stadium.
Kyle is originally from New York, but he moved to Miami to attend FIU.
by FIUpanther January 27, 2008
In Tahitian language, it is an attitude synonymous expressing:
- Can't be fucked
- Can't be bothered
- Had enough

Notation is usually used when someone is annoyed, angry or tired from fatigue. Tahitian is a native language spoken in the country of the French Polynesia.
1. "Ah, trop travail. J'ai fiu!"
2. "Fiu! M'en fiche!"

1. "Ah, too much work. I had enough!"
2. "Fiu! I don't care!"
by flowright138 July 09, 2012
1) A university located in Miami, Florida.

2) A school that can never get it's shit together

3) "Fuck it up" university, located in Miami, Floida.
Girl 1: Why are you taking ENC1101 for the third time?
Girl 2: Have you used Panthersoft lately? Thanks a lot, FIU.
by thejenniferreneƩ April 11, 2006
Fiu stands for "fuck(ing) it up". Normally used in a party environment when someone is dancing very well.
Damnn daddy, fiu!
by Pimp G. January 03, 2009
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