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7 definitions by Poodle

Same as above excpet there aren't actually any tigers in Kenya
"Kenya believe it!"
by Poodle June 10, 2004
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A college that is located in Miami
by Poodle March 17, 2005
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clapping monkey has 2 definitions

1) a small toy, usually with cymbols, which when winded up will clap the cymbols together

2) a metaphor for a woman's vagina which is extremely loose, and would clap like a toy clapping monkey
1) hey look at that new toy i got, it's a clapping monkey!

2) hey i bet her lips go at it like a clapping monkey in the wind! (makes clapping motion between legs)
by Poodle April 13, 2005
27 12
A person who is either short and chode like, or a person who is extremly tall and gangly
Look at that kid! He's must've been an anus baby!! His mama must've crapped him out a lil' early there yo.
by poodle September 12, 2003
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a rabbit dick

a nickname for someone who is really weird, funny, white, and plays field hockey
alyssa is our dackit
by poodle September 12, 2003
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A slinky is something u call ur friend by the name of becca
Hey Slinky
by Poodle May 08, 2004
5 31
the unexplainable thing that completes your sentence
my hair got all gingy after not washing it for days, but it still looked clean

the gingy in the fridge smells, i don't know what it is
by poodle August 15, 2004
14 43