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A word that a dip shit airsoft company uses to describe your place on the phone holdup. Doesn't clarify if your first or third in line on the phone.
You are fird in line.
by mwallace2202 November 02, 2013
Foreign Interest Rate Differential, calculated at an annualized rate using the formula FIRD=100*((f/s)^(1/d)-1), where f and s are the forward and spot rate, and d is the forward time in years.
Damn b, that FIRD is gettin all up in my arbitrage.
by Yezer's Homeboy November 23, 2009
an mixture of a fish and a bird
Who is that fish-bird like person? Thats a fird.
by Fird October 13, 2009
an fugly ass girl who resembles both a dirty ass bird and a fish.
omg theres fird girl! She's so fuckin nasty.
by maximum March 16, 2005
redneck term for a ford truck.
troy: hey man nice truck!
wilbur: yurp, 'course tis sa fird.
by george January 20, 2005
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