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REALLY terrible band in Texas; worst vocals ever, will make you claw your ears out. Hott bassist though. Shitty singer and crappy guitarist formed 'Crimsonia' if you can even call that a band.
'Why are my ears bleeding again?'
'Oh, I guess you've heard Finality's new shit.'
'Atleast you got the 'shit' part correct.'
by fishyyfaceyyy January 23, 2009
9 1
When someone ends a friendship or relationship actually giving you a reason, verses disappearing without an explanation.
"At least it was finality when Jim said he doesn't want to stay together because I won't put out. My last boyfriend just drifted off and never told me what the problem was."
by catluver42 December 17, 2007
7 0
the finale of a reality tv show.
"I watched the season finality of So You Think You Can Dance.:
by Wyett August 10, 2008
0 2