First In Destroys Others. A significant other, usually a man who knows he is with somebody out of their league. So they marry that person before they have a chance to realize they can do better.
I don't know what Sarah sees in Adam. He's ratchet so at first I thought it must be a winning personality, but he's annoying too. He's a fido, she can do way better.
by Cabaill May 20, 2013
Fidel Castros nickname.
Eeeyy Fido, wazzup! U wanna hang a bit bro?
by Karlsson October 26, 2006
amazingly hot junior/senior boy who frosh like to follow and look at while being pathetic together.
"Hey Lulie, let's go look at Fido!"
by theinformed1 September 02, 2006
Worker, fetcher, or basically anyone you can order to do various jobs. The best example of this is Fido from the GTA game series which is the main character who does many jobs for local crime bosses.
That fido will do anything you say.
by Slavik Von Stockholm May 03, 2005
a boy with long hair, often goes by nate
1) did you see that fido?
2) hey! fido.. did ya get a hair cut yet?
by idk March 05, 2005
Damn man, you're a fido!
by supaskrilla February 10, 2003
an individual that drives hannah CRAAZYY
Fido stop being such an asshole ( eg. back-talk )
by hannah January 05, 2005

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