Fake Item Box

An item found in the Mario Kart series. It resembles regular item boxes, but causes racers to crash if touched. It can be used either as a trap or as a projectile. In most games, FIBs cannot be used as a defensive tool against shell attacks from behind. Instead, they're use is found with strategic placements or a good throwing hand. A FIB Snipe is a feat that can be performed where a player throws their FIB in such a way that it lands in front of or directly on top of the opposing player, sometimes in mind boggling ways for epicness.
FIB Snipe
Crouching Shell, Hidden FIB
by Tuxie May 24, 2013
Fill In Boyfriend. When a bf isn't good enough or cannot satisfy his woman in one way or another (bad listener, worse lover) and another man finds himself in the bizarre position of fulfilling all her non-sexual needs.
If only he knew everything that happened in between his girlfriend and her FIB, he would know how shitty of a bf he is.
by hunglikeamoose March 10, 2009
A fib is a lie. Fibs are usually small lies that one tells to impress their friends and co-workers. Fibs usually involve elaborate stories about how the fibber hooked up with some hot girl, beat up some guy, or were someplace that they really were not. Fibbers are usually repeat offenders, and tell fibs often to anyone who will listen. It is best to avoid fibbers and their fib stories. They can chew your ear off for hours, telling fib, after fib, after fib.
Those Romano's are such fibbers!" "Stop Fibbing!" "What a fib artist!"
by Fib_Artist July 17, 2011
Short for for "Fucking Itchy Balls Syndrome"
FIBS occurs mostly to athletes and males who have abnormally large testicles, which in turn, provides for the discomfort of ball-rub-against-leg. Furthermore, the victim must reach inside and scratch for no more than 20 seconds at a time in intervals of 3 minutes to prevent severe bleeding.
"Gold Bond was created to help FIBS victims"
"FIBS occurs to 9 out of 10 athletes"
"You cannot die from FIBS disease"
by Katzilla January 14, 2006
What people from Wisconsin call people from Illinois, can mean; Fuckin' Illinois Bastard, or a nicer version; Friendy Illinios Brethren.
I went to the Milwaukee Brewers game last night... The Cubs were in town, and Miller Park was full of damn FIB's
by NickyB May 04, 2005
Fucking Illinois Bastards or Federal Investigation Bureau. Either a despective way of Winsconsin people to call Chicagoans or the FBI parody of GTA V.
I killed some FIB police officers yesterday on GTA Online!
I hate those FIBs!
by Tupamaro4Ever December 06, 2014
means "friends in bed"; another term for 'friend with benefits' or a nicer way of saying 'fuck buddy'.

friends who have a causal sexual relationship.
Soup is a most agreeable f.i.b.; he comes over, we fuck until we're both satisfied and then leaves.
by Sheila July 27, 2006
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