The latest pitiful Attempt made by SquareEnix to gain vast ammounts of money through abuse of an idiotic fandom who believe that FF is a God. FFXI Is nothing but a showcase of graphics, with poor gameplay and ridiculous features.
Person: LEL! I PLAY FFXI. ITS KOOL!!111one

Me: Excuse me while I shoot your face off and rid you of your addiction you poor soul ...
by BetterThanThou July 31, 2004
A huge timesink, thats it. There is NOTHING good about the game, you will spend hours waiting for a party. LAME
FFXI r t3h sux
by KaiShar June 03, 2006
a wanna be EverQuest. you play to level 40 and get bored.
i used to play ffxi, until i realized it sucked, unlike EQ.
by l33t pwner May 27, 2004

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