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Five Foot Tall Brunette - easily the sexiest of the species. A proper FFTB ranges anywhere from 5'0" to 5'6" tall, has any shade of brown hair, and is cute. No prerequisite for race or color exists. Extra points go out to those with bangs, and tattoos.
Broseph, FFTB at your six.
by EvilBeerbarian April 01, 2010
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Fucked from the beginning
Lluis says "It's FFTB"
by becabeca April 09, 2014
fresh from the border; pertaining to those of mexican or canadian decent; similar to FOB
Emanuel is such a FFTB!
by harvestsunshineseescndy December 12, 2009
Fortune Favors The Bold
"Bruh, I'm worried she'll give me chlamydia if I hit it raw"
"FUCK that FFTB bruh"
by DaSmog June 22, 2015

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