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1.)A forum that is the epitome of online ignorance and stupidity, rampant with dullards, blind fanboys, badd grammer, and power-whores.

2.)Forum/website covering the 32(and above)-bit era of Final Fantasy, along with FF VI.

3.)That forum that helped Aquasol decide to leave the internet in its entirety for three long years, because the world was too stupid.
They say if you get a retard to excrete Hawaii's favorite canned 'meat', you'll have FFOnline.

"I wonder if the place has changed any? It's been so long...I almost miss the place, and hope that it's changed for the better..."
by Holy Dragon Sword September 17, 2004

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Cool FF site, I like the design. They don't cover the classics though (except for 6). No ROMs either...still a cool design though.
by onomono July 21, 2003
The 'cool' place to be. ;)
He's always in the ffonline no matter what school he goes to.

I hear he hangs out at the town's ffonline in most of his free time.
by kibou January 08, 2004