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One man and two women having sex together. Very usual in porn movies. The most common male fantasy.
I wish I could have sex with some Swedish twins...
by Tetsuo Aminata November 08, 2003
Free Foto Messenger. a Chinese based chat used for horny ipod touch or iphone users where they exchange dirty messages and photos.
Don't trust it, probably some 40 year old guy using ffm
by MysteriousStranger.44 May 25, 2010
Fine For Me
I completely agree, FFM!
by loqui_es January 19, 2016
It means "free for mix" on the quakenet or gamesurge irc channels(Counter-strike mostly).
2 ffm - 2 people are free for mix.
by robert75 July 12, 2008
An abbreviation for 'Funny Five Minutes', meaning your mood goes bizarre for 5 minutes, whether happy or sad.
'What's wrong?'
'Nothing, just having an FFM'
by MissLibbely March 25, 2010
Frankfurt am Main
City in Germany situated on the Main river. There is also a place called Frankfurt am Oder.
I am living in ffm! ;-)
by verge March 22, 2006
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